Primary Researcher and Designer

The Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Lactation Collaborative is a non for profit organization dedicated to lactation and reproductive health advocacy, policy change and education for AANHPI communities.

September 2022- April 2023

The AANHPI Lactation Collaborative of California provides a network of research and lactation resources to healthcare professionals, community advocates and AANHPI families. As a designer, my role was to build a brand identity and redesign the organization's website in order to address and dismantle disparities in AANHPI communities professionally.



Creating a brand and website redesign required to research, ideation and process throughout two terms. Working alongside my community partner (via Zoom meetings) meant consistently learning new aspects of lactation work and understanding their work.

This process began with an in-depth literature review, online ethnography, precedent analysis and a co-design in the first half of the year. With this research, I thoroughly understood my client and their target audience. I learned about the many barriers AANHPI communities face, including systemic policy barriers, misrepresented data and media representation. 

In the second term, we applied this research and began ideating and developing the branding and website. I conducted a card sort to identify users' assumptions and conventions for accessing resources and information through the collaborative website. This allowed me to refine the sitemap. From this, I was able to identify the main goals of the site, which included:

- Introducing the collaborative and the importance of the work they do
-Creating a tool for resources to health care professionals, community advocates and AANHPI Families
-Creating representation for AANHPI communities

At the same time, I was ideating the brand identity pulling from the co-design from the first term. This meant defining the brand's tone using descriptive words, mood boards, colour palettes and imagery. The brand goals included:


Some constraints in this project included time constraints, accessibility to appropriate demographics for user tests (due to my client being in California), and working with a team of 8 co-founders also allowed me to develop creative ways to ensure all voices were heard in the process of finalizing designs. 

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