Primary Designer

In Class Assignment, a fictional brand named Broox
3 weeks

Design a creative brand identity and packaging system for a fictional client of our choice.
Broox is a fictional sneaker company I created for my Branding Class where we explored product packaging and branding identity. Founded by the filmmaker Spike Lee, the company’s goal is to influence creative individuality while representing one of New Yorks most iconic boroughs through its products. The company aesthetic mimics Brooklyn’s nostalgic streets of the community and artistic environment where some of the most successful actors, comedians and musicians, including Jay-Z, Woody Allen, Lil Kim and others, came from. While taking from these inspirations, Broox also promotes young artists' expression in fashion, art, music and sports. The logo mimics this eclectic personality by merging the Broox serif swooped wordmark, which represents a classic and iconic feeling of New York, with the bold sans-serif tagline that is youthful and modern. The tagline True Lee Origins is a play on words that states that Broox represents genuine Brooklyn culture that motivates Spike Lee. This tagline is meant to symbolize pride and passion of your unique origins at the route of creativity.
The secondary typeface, Helvetica, references the notorious New York subway, which unifies the Broox New York branding. The colour palette for Broox is motivated by the 90’s era and the use of vibrant colours, funky patterns and bold outlines. The use of black and white photos and portrait photography is also essential to the Broox identity to balance the creative and historical importance that Broox believes in. Spike Lee’s films are known for telling the stories and experiences of black voices to uplift the black community and build a strong representation in everything he does; Broox aims to continue this legacy through diverse photography and designs.
Broox packaging concepts derive from the Brooklyn music culture known for producing some of the biggest hip-hop legends. Symbolic packagings such as boombox shoe boxes, old photography integration, 90’s inspired patterns and cassette-shaped shoelace packaging remind the user of the origins of music culture and establishes an emotional connection that stands out from other brands. The presentation of Broox products combines these elements to form a nostalgic experience for the user. Broox aims to make our customers reminisce and be inspired by our creative pursuits.​​​​​​​

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