For this project, we were tasked with choosing a daily routine and filming a minute-long video inspired in a particular style. I chose to model taking my dog for a walk in the style of Garth Davis and his movie Lion. His bio-drama film style uses minimum dialogue, contrasting shots and strategic cuts. I edited Sampha's song Without to assist in telling the story through my dog's eyes.
How would you describe your own voice? How do culture and language play a role in
our voice? Does our voice play a part in our jobs, our day-to-day interactions, our age? In this
short documentary, I will explore how voice plays a role in identity. Through a series of interviews with people of different backgrounds, their audio and indirect visual representation will frame the stories of these individuals. We will curate and explore the importance of voice and its different roles in people's lives and identities.
The goal is to use videos of experiences, hobbies, day-to-day life, or abstract visuals that bring the individuals and their experiences with their voices to life. Throughout the documentary, the concept of identity will be pieced together instead of a typical interview that reveals our interviewees immediately. This initially included videos of their past self (archive videos, old film) but, due to time constraints, was not included. Near the documentary's end, headshots are captured to connect the audio with the interviewees creating a full-circle connection between voice and identity.
In this 15-second animation, I experimented with the principles of animation to portray the words, order and chaos. At first, the most straightforward idea was to mimic how ants could move chaotically when attacking their food subject. In seconds, they could also follow one another in an orderly fashion. This natural movement then became a more significant metaphor for the human condition, living amongst the chaos of media in an overstimulated world; at the same time, we blindly follow the norm of attachment to our phones that keeps us in this cycle.

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